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Women’s Legs, Bums, and Tums

Date: 24/11/2020

Time: 9:30am to 10:30am

Cost: FREE

Legs, bums & Tums is a full body aerobic workout for women that aims to tone those wobbly areas of your body – including your thighs, glutes and stomach. It is great workout for those who want to lose weight or improve overall fitness.

Delivered in partnership with RBKC Sports & Leisure, the weekly class is open to women of all fitness levels and starts with a gentle warm up to get your body moving, followed by simple leg movement and squat exercises that build strength and burn calories.

You can access his project for FREE every week by clicking this link HERE from fifteen minutes before the class. If you are asked for the meeting code, please enter 867-7099-9048.

If you would like a reminder about the class sent to your an e-mail an hour before class, then just fill in this form.

All online projects operate using Zoom, which can be downloaded for free from


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