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Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction

Housing Benefit

Housing Benefit is a benefit which helps you pay your rent if you're on a low income. Housing Benefit can pay for part or all of your rent depending on your income and circumstances, if you're eligible. 

Most people can’t make a new claim for Housing Benefit, as they would have to claim for Universal Benefit which has a housing element to help with rent. 

You can make a new claim for Housing Benefit if you’re getting, or recently stopped getting, a benefit with a severe disability premium (SDP).

For more information on Housing Benefit click here

To calculate your possible Housing Benefit entitlement:-

Council Tax Reduction

Council Tax Benefit no longer exists, instead you can apply for Council Tax Reduction. You'll get money off your Council Tax bill if you qualify for Council Tax Reduction. You can apply for Council Tax Reduction whether you own your home, rent, are unemployed or working.

The most you can get is a 100% reduction. How much you get depends on:

  • where you live - each council runs their own scheme
  • your circumstances (eg income, number of children)
  • your household income - this includes things like savings, pension, your partner's income
  • if your children live with you
  • if other adults live with you

You may get Council Tax Reduction if:

  • you pay Council Tax
  • you're on a low income or claiming benefits

For information on how to apply:-

To calculate your possible Council Tax Reduction entitlement:

Council Tax Exemptions

A full Council Tax bill is based on at least 2 adults living in a home. You'll get 25% off your bill if you count as an adult for Council Tax and live on your own. You'll also get a discount if you live with people who don't count as adults for Council Tax. For more information on Council Tax exemptions click here

You can go to our Claiming all of your benefits page for information on how to get support in claiming all of the benefits to which you are entitled.

Other information and advice

The Independent Age website provide a guide on Council Tax Support and Housing Benefit

The government's website provides advice on how to apply for council tax reduction and housing benefit.

Citizens Advice provide advice on housing benefit and council tax reduction.

Shelter provide information on all aspects of housing benefit.

Age UK provide advice on housing benefit and council tax reduction.

Disability Rights UK provide fact sheets on housing benefit and council tax.