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Are you aware of the RBKC’s ‘Homes4Health’ Scheme?

Are you aware of the RBKC’s ‘Homes4Health’ Scheme?

Are you struggling with your energy bills or do you know someone who is?

The Council’s Homes4Health fuel poverty programme provides free home energy advice and a package of support to residents in Kensington and Chelsea to help them keep warm and stay comfortable in their homes affordably, improve the energy efficiency of their home, save money on the energy bills and improve their health.

With more people at home due to COVID-19, and many people losing their jobs, energy bills might be harder to manage. In response to the Coronavirus epidemic, the Council is working with the community charity Groundwork to provide free telephone consultations to support residents to get on top of energy debt, switch provider, access grant and other support and manage their energy use in the home. 

This is available for FREE for all households if they meet the following criteria: 

  • Residents, who are over 65, or
  • Residents, who are on a low income, or
  • Residents, who have a long-term health condition or disability

The telephone consultation is carried out by independent trained energy advisors called Green Doctors, who are part of Groundwork’s team. The call will last around 45 minutes to an hour, during which time the Green Doctors will ask residents a series of questions providing tailored advice and they will answer any of their energy-related questions:

  • Advice on reading energy bills and signing up for cheaper tariffs and on-the-phone support to change tariff if needed
  • Advice on behaviour changes to deal with damp and mould
  • Energy-saving behaviour in the home, what residents can do and what will save the most money
  • Helping residents deal with energy and water debt and apply for grants
  • Helping residents get their meter topped up during the restrictions
  • Signing residents up for the Warm Homes Discount (£140 off their bills)
  • Signing residents up for the Priority Services Register if they are vulnerable, so they get extra support and help first during a power cut.

The consultation will help residents get on top of their home energy use to ensure they only use energy when needed and don't waste it needlessly. It will also help them find financial support and reduce costs for their energy where possible.

The outcome will help residents saving money on their bills and will have a positive impact on mental health issues caused by financial problems. The programme will further help residents maintaining a comfortable home, which improves health conditions exacerbated by cold and damp weather during the winter months.

Ongoing vulnerable residents will be supported more by their energy company and network, if they are signed up for the Priority Services Register and they will also be empowered with the knowledge needed to manage their energy use and bills. An additional benefit is that better-managed home energy use has a lower environmental impact and will help keep the households' carbon emissions lower.

Groundwork can as well provide appointments with sign language interpretation, via video call, and language interpretation for non-English speakers.

How to book a telephone consultation / make a referral

To book a free telephone consultation with one of the Green Doctors, either phone Groundwork’s freephone number 0300 365 3005 or fill in their form online

For any other information please contact