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Go Dry this January 2020

Go Dry this January 2020

The celebrations of Christmas and New Year can involve a lot of eating and drinking, so in January many people enjoy the challenge of giving alcohol a rest.

Dry January is a campaign to support and encourage people to clear out the Christmas excesses by abstaining from booze for 31 days.

Join in and reap the rewards!

  • 88% of participants saved money 
  • 71% of participants had better sleep and more energy 
  • 58% of participants lost weight

With these significant benefits - what have you got to lose?

You're more likely to stick with it and feel the benefits if you sign up, so take the challenge, banish the booze and feel like a new you! You can compare progress and swap tips with other people who have taken the challenge. Find out more here.

More information

  • Find out more on Dry January, download their free app, and read their tips and tricks on how to do a successful Dry January.
  • Drinkaware is a national independent charity whose website has a wealth of useful information and tips
  • Take the One You "How are you" quiz  to see how you can combine this with other tweaks to your lifestyle for a healthier future 
    • Visit the One You area on the People First website for local support in your borough