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Happiful Online November Magazine

Happiful Online November Magazine

The stats might say one in four, but let's be realistic – it's rare for anyone to go through life without ever feeling stressed at some point. 

And with everything that’s happened in 2020 so far, anxiety seems to be, understandably, at an all-time high. We're trying to live in a world with rules we’re not accustomed to, with fears and uncertainties that can make us feel so small and powerless.

But Happiful are here to tell you that when it all feels too much, you can reclaim control. 

In this special issue, Happiful  are looking at the key areas in life that contribute to that feeling of overwhelm, to offer expert advice and essential ideas on how to overcome it.

From the feature on p20 revealing the signs of anxiety you might have missed, to tips on getting over your ex (adios!), ideas to make saving money a breeze, and recipes to soothe and send you to sleep, less stress could be just one article away.

Enjoy the new edition!

Happiful is an online and print magazine with the mission to create a healthier, happier, more sustainable society. Their aim is to provide informative, inspiring and topical stories about mental health and wellbeing. They want to break the stigma of mental health in our society, and to shine a light on the positivity and support that should be available for everyone, no matter their situation.

They love to hear your thoughts so please do connect on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.