Healthier Homes Green Doctors Scheme

This is a free service for eligible residents in Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea to support them in having a comfortable and healthy home. 

Free home visits to eligible residents (eligibility criteria below) with key elements as follows:

  • Improving energy efficiency of properties by installing small measures and referring for larger measures ensuring a long term sustainable solutions to eradicate fuel poverty and its negative health implications.
  • Free measures such as energy monitor, LED's, draught proofing  & Water saving products
  • Improve resident understanding of utility bills by 1-2-1 advice and hand holding residents through an energy bill switching services enabling them to access cheaper fuel. Addressing high water bills and applying for water bill discounts and/or assistance funds
  • Further support residents to access help from energy companies by applying for debt assistance, Priority Register and WHD (£140).
  • Provide a gateway for other related services by connecting residents to home, home safety, and health/well-being services.
  • Integrated 1-1 behaviour advice to embed long-term change and further improve health and finance

To refer into this scheme, please visit use this online form, emailing: or phoning: 0300 365 5003

Eligibility Criteria for Healthier Homes Green Doctors:

  • Aged 16-25 and on a low income
  • Over 65
  • On a low income, pregnant or with children under 14
  • Young parents aged under 35 on low income
  • Respiratory or cardiovascular disease on low income
  • Severe mental illness or dementia
  • Multiple health issues, physical disability or suffering   from long term

More information can be found at:

Other information and advice

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