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One in ten Brits admit to doing no physical activity in the last ten years

One in ten Brits admit to doing no physical activity in the last ten years

One in ten Brits admit to doing no physical activity in the last ten years

(Original article by the British Heart Foundation)

"Over three quarters of Brits are unaware of the recommended minimum amount of physical activity needed every week and are not keen to get active.

British Heart Foundation commissioned the survey to celebrate the launch of  their 2016 event series, which offers over 60 events ranging from their own organised events to third party events including cyclingrunningswimmingwalkingtreks to overseas challenges

The physical state of the UK

With recent headlines being dominated by a looming obesity crisis in the UK, it is surprising to find that

  • 20% of UK adults openly admit to not exercising 
  • 45% of Brits have not run at all in the past year 
  • 14% admit to finding exercise boring
  • 25% blame their lack of physical activity on bad weather
  • 26% state they do not have enough time to exercise
  • 34% admit they are too lazy to exercise


Over half (51%) of Brits believe a minimum of 20 minutes exercise, such as brisk walking, at least three times a week will suffice for their exercise requirement. However according to the report on physical activity for health from the four home countries' Chief Medical Officers we should aim for a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity every week, such as brisk walking or cycling - only 17% of people are aware of this.

Get active

The British Heart Foundation want to encourage all Brits to challenge themselves in 2016. Through BHF event series there are opportunities for people of all physical abilities to get active. With a huge selection of running events, walks and treks, as well as their cycling series, sponsored by Tesco and Jaffa, there is no reason not to take the plunge and get more active this year.

Physical Activity Specialist Lisa Young, comments: "I'm not surprised to learn just how little awareness there is around the recommended minimum amount of exercise people should aim for every week. However, it is very concerning that over one in ten Brits have not been physically active for over ten years and over a third simply blame it on their own laziness!

"Physical activity is essential for your heart health and should not be ignored. Not only can keeping fit help reduce your risk of heart disease, it can help you control your weightreduce blood pressure/cholesterol and improve your mental health."

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