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Scam mail victims lose more than £1,000 each

Scam mail victims lose more than £1,000 each

Scam mail victims lose more than £1,000 each

Victims of scam mail have an average age of 74 and have typically lost more than £1,000, investigators have confirmed.

Teams of officers working for National Trading Standards (NTS) identified 10,843 victims in the year to April.

The average loss was £1,184 - about £13m in total - but officers think hidden losses are much higher.

They identified nearly 200,000 potential victims on so-called "suckers lists" sold between con-artists.

Overall, NTS estimates that prize draw scams cost the UK public £60m a year, with an estimated 380,000 victims each year.

In one case, officers in Merthyr Tydfil visited a woman who was addicted to responding to scam mail. Her life savings had been spent and it took time for her to talk to her family about what had happened and to take control of her finances again.

Officers said that older, more vulnerable, people were being targeted.

Over the year, they secured more than £385,000 of compensation for victims, although this was still a fraction of total losses.

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