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Social Care - Why Society Must Understand and Value it Before it is too late!

Social Care - Why Society Must Understand and Value it Before it is too late!

Why Society Must Understand and Value Social Care Before it is too late!

Christian Markandu, commissioner for adult social care in three London boroughs, argues how social care in society is perceived needs to change...  

 "To ensure that social care continues to support vulnerable people, society as a whole must understand how social care works, recognise its value, understand the challenges it faces, and share the responsibility for driving the sector forward.

People who understand how social care works essentially fall into two groups: those who work in social care, and those who receive care. Family and friends of those who use social care will also have a level of understanding - but what about the rest of the 65m people in the UK?

There is little reporting in the mainstream media around social care issues - so most people only think about social care when they or their family need it. When in crisis and in need of care and support, people are not interested in the issues facing the sector - they simply want it to be there and to work properly - and rightly so. However, if society does not support social care, it may not be there to help them, or their family and friends, in the future..."

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