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The Last Rights project

The Last Rights project

The Last Rights project

Kensington Citizens Advice is hoping to set up a service to provide information, advice and support to help people plan for the end of life.


Many people worry about how they will be looked after when they are ill, who will speak up for them, where they will die, who will be there, and how they can plan for an affordable funeral.

Very few people make clear plans, either because they don't know how to, or because they find it upsetting.

What they plan to do:

The Last Rights project aims to make it easier for you to talk about end-of-life care and death, and to provide you with the information you need to make plans before it's too late.

Once it's done, most people feel relieved, knowing that the decisions are recorded and their choices will be respected.

What this survey is about:

They hope to speak to as many local residents to find out:

  • what worries you the most about planning for the end of life
  • what you've done about it 
  • what has been stopping you if you have not done anything, 
  • what would help you do it
  • what you'd like a new service to offer and how best we can do it.

They want to hear your views whatever your age and situation even if you have no experience of bereavement: they hope to provide a service open to all and to encourage everyone to make plans while you are well. Then when 

You cannot be identified from your answers to this survey.
If you'd like to see the results, they will be available after Nov.18th from

Feel free to contact Kensington CAB at the above email address if you want to discuss the project. They are all part-time, so it could take a short while before you'll get a response.