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What is Personalisation? 

Personalisation is about better outcomes for our service users, focussing on their strengths and ambitions. It is underpinned by collaborative working with all stakeholders.


We want to ‘put the community and service users at the heart of what we do, thinking about care and support services with people at the centre of the process of working out what their needs are, choosing the support they need and having control over their life”.​

TLAP and amended by Westminster and Kensington and Chelsea's Bi – Borough Collaborative steering group

How to achieve our vision?

Culture change   Culture change
Aim: Personalisation requires all staff, providers and service users to change the way they view care and support services. It is about identifying people’s strengths and wishes. It puts the service user at the heart of the process, encouraging them to identify their needs and choose who, how and what will meet their needs. To do this, there needs to be a structural transformation so that all systems, processes, staff and services are lined up to deliver personalised services

Workforce development   Workforce development
Aim: Give staff the knowledge and confidence to offer personalised care and support to promote independence and wellbeing and set up Direct Payments efficiently and effectively. We want to keep staff up to date with current legislation, minimise risks to the service user and carers, and minimise potential financial losses

Co-production   Co-production
Aim: Create a system that ensures an individual can influence the service they receive, as well as set direction for the Bi-Borough on what needs to be commissioned and how it should be designed and delivered

Assessment tools and Support Planning processes   Assessment tools and Support Planning processes
Aim: Develop assessment tools and processes that are asset based and focus on an individuals’ strengths, interests, ambitions and community connections. Through this approach we also aim to reduce spend by meeting people’s needs without allocating them a personal budget

Digital   Digital Innovation
Aim: To have a modern end-to-end system that people can use easily and effectively to help them to achieve their identified outcomes

Market Shaping   Market Shaping
Aim: Stimulate the market to ensure that it is vibrant and ready for people to make their own choices

Information advice and guidance   Information advice and guidance
Aim: Create user led and designed Information, Advice and Guidance



If you are a Provider and wish to participate in our Providers Forum, then please register at Knowledgehub and contact us at the Personalisation team to be added to the forum.